The Best Fair Foods to Try at the Queen Charlotte Fair

It’s that time of year again! The fair is coming to town and with it comes all the tasty fair foods you can imagine. From deep-fried Oreos to classic funnel cakes, there’s something for everyone at the fair. And with the rides and games, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable time.

If you’re looking for a snack to munch on while you ride the Ferris wheel or Merry Go Rounds, then you’ll want to try a corn dog. This iconic fair food is made from a hot dog dipped in a cornbread batter and fried until golden brown. It’s sure to hit the spot!

Another must-try carnival food is the funnel cake. This classic treat is made by pouring a batter into a funnel and deep-frying it until golden brown. Once it’s done, it’s topped with powdered sugar and other toppings like fruits and chocolate.

For those with a sweet tooth, deep-fried Oreos are the perfect treat. This indulgent snack is made by coating Oreo cookies in a batter and deep-frying them until golden brown. They’re then sprinkled with powdered sugar and served warm.

If you’re looking for something savory, then you’ll want to try a turkey leg. These giant smoked turkey legs are seasoned with herbs and spices and cooked until juicy and tender. They’re definitely worth trying!

Finally, no fair experience is complete without a soft serve cone. The cool treat is made with a variety of flavors so you can find one that’s just right for you.

So don’t miss out on all the delicious fair foods the Queen Charlotte Fair has to offer! Whether you’re looking for a savory snack or a sweet treat, you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your cravings. Don’t forget to bring your appetite!

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