Hate Crowds But Love Funnel Cakes?


The BEST time to visit ANY fair or carnival is on a slow day.  Slow day means that there aren’t a lot of people attending but everything that you could want to do is available.

Are the kids hungry?  Small lines to no lines at the food vendors.

Are the kids impatient for a ride?  Again, almost no lines to get on a ride.

Want to play games?  You can just walk up to a game and there isn’t any wait.

Want to see a show — up front near the stage?   The perfect time is during the slow day.

WHEN are the slow days?  Usually, during the week — like Mondays through Thursdays.  The closer you get to the weekend, the more crowded the fairs get.

So check out the Queen Charlotte Fair any Monday – Thursday.  You will have the easiest time eating, seeing and playing what you want.

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