Queen Charlotte Fair on WCCB!

cowboy bobby from wild wheels thrill arena

If you missed it this morning, we have the link here. Thank you to everyone at @wccbcharlotte, @wccbnewsrising, #EMILYBRYSON

Does Charlotte NC Have A Fair

brother and sister at the queen charlotte fair

Does Charlotte, NC have a fair? You bet. There are LOTS of things to do in Charlotte and visit the Queen Charlotte Fair is one of them. This annual event runs from April 11 – 21st, 2024. It features a wide array of vendors, food, entertainment, and attractions. The Queen Charlotte Fair offers various experiences, […]

Roaring Thrills and Gravity-Defying Chills

motorcycle climbing in a motordrome

Roaring Thrills and Gravity-Defying Chills: The Wild Wheels Wall of Death Show!” In a world where adrenaline meets steel, the Wild Wheels crew takes center stage with their awe-inspiring performance inside the iconic Wall of Death. Picture a massive wooden cylinder, vertical and imposing, where skilled riders on vintage motorcycles defy physics, racing on the […]

Shows Included At The Queen Charlotte Fair

motorcycle motordrome little pig racing weiner dog racing magic show collage

The Royal Spectacle: A Variety of Shows are Included With Your Ticket Price. At the Queen Charlotte Fair, there’s something for everyone! From heart-stopping shows to captivating performances, the fair shows promise a diverse range of entertainment. Witness daredevils defy gravity. be mesmerized by skilled performers, and indulge your taste buds in a world of […]